Vault 300 Home PC

Vault 300 Home PC


- Quad-core AMD APU delivers fast computing with great graphics
-  Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System Installed 
- 4GB 1600Mhz RAM & 500GB Disk Drive (HDD) 

The V300 features an AM1 5150 APU which combines a processor and graphics card in one energy-efficient chip.

The APU has four cores and performing at 1.6 GHz clock speed, so you can expect fast computing with impressive visuals that bring your media to life.

Whether you're writing an essay, editing photos, or producing music, you can work with the confidence 

The V300 comes with a 500GB HDD, this can hold store over 102,8400 average photographs, 38 hours of very high quality video or 128,000 average length songs.

Amazing Value PC Ideal For Home, Home Office Work, Movies, Photos + Internet Browsing!

Choose your Hard Drive & the amount of RAM Needed 

4GB RAM & 500GB as standard - £239.99) OS Included
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SKU: 0300

    Vault 300 Home PC - 4GB RAM/500GB HDD

    Operating System

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64BIT
    Processor (CPU) AMD Athlon 5150 1.6GHz Quad Core
    Memory (RAM)

    4GB 1600MHz Kingston RAM (2X2GB)

    Hard Disk (HDD) 500GB Seagate SATA (Upgrade Available)
    Graphics (GPU) Radeon R3 Graphics APU
    Optical Drive Value CD/DVD - RW Drive
    Motherboard AsRock AM1B-ITX
    WI-FI Optional Add-On (£20.00)
    Network 1X LAN 10/100/1000 Port
    Audio Realtek 5.1 CH HD Audio
    HDMI 1X HDMI Port
    VGA 1X VGA Port
    DVI 1X DVI Port
    USB 4X USB 2.0 - 2X USB 3.0
    Warranty 1 Year Send & Return Warranty
  • Detailed Specs

    AMD Athlon 5150 Accelerated Processing Unit

    An APU is an entirely new kind of processor that combines the advantages of a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU). The result is the world's first high-performing, power-efficient and balanced APU platform ever. Paving the way for applications in areas like gesture and facial recognition, search and indexing, dynamic video enhancement and gaming that have only been imagines before. Today only AMD has both the CPU and GPU technology to successfully bring this game-changing technology into reality, you need to take notice of the new APUs!

    AMD Radeon HD Graphics

    AMD have been on the front lines of gaming innovation for years, backing developers' creative genius with the technology and firepower to put you in the heart of the action. With their cutting edge range of graphics cards you will be able to take your game performance to the next level.

    Enthusiast DDR3 Memory

    The latest standard in computer memory making it great for high performance gaming, video & photo editing, 3D rendering and multitasking. We only use high performance kits with heat spreaders from the top brands in the industry to ensure maximum reliability when under intensive use.

    Powered by ASRock

    This system features a motherboard manufactured by ASRock. As one of the leading motherboard manufacturers in the world they are constantly at the forefront of technology, releasing high quality ultra-reliable products for all the major platforms.

    High Definition Audio

    On-board HD Audio is the next level of integrated sound. With more channels you can look forward to enhanced quality in movie and music playback that matches what was possible with high end soundcards only a few years ago.

    Supports RAID

    RAID is a way of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard drives. By placing data on multiple disks the performance of the systems can be greatly increased or you can protect against the failure of a single hard drive, protecting your valuable data.

    500GB Hard Drive

    This system includes a 500GB hard drive to provide great performance and storage space. To put things in perspective, 500GB will allow you to store up to 102,8400 average photographs, 38 hours of very high quality video or 128,000 average length songs!

    *Wireless Card (Wi-Fi) b/g/n

    Wireless connectivity has never been faster or easier than it is today. This system features full Wireless 802.11b/g/n support giving speeds between 11Mbps and 150Mbps!

  • Things To Know

    Built to Order
    Standard 1-3 Day Build Service

    1 Year Warranty Return To Base 

    Dispatched Via Tracked Courier Service 

    0800 6127 645